Toyota Factory , Bangalore Rural 

  • Paging  system for secure and equip for mass notification and scheduled announcements
  • Fully IP Based System
  • Server Less Solution , No single point of Failure will affect the system
  • Live Paging to Single zone , Multiple Zone , Group , Multiple Group , All Zone 
  • Pre-recorded Message Paging to Single Zone , Multiple Zone , Group , Multiple Group , All zone
  • Music will be over ridden only in  Selected Zones for Paging  Remaining Location Music will be playing 
  • System covers the Entire Campus 
  • Proprietary Protocol BARP Used
  • 255 zone Possible Can be Modified to Support More zones also
  • Priority Among the Stations Provided , 254 levels possible
  • Implemented using already existing IP Network
  • Expansion of the System & Maintenance is Easy 

Value through Innovation