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EVAQBOT is to be deployed in every emergency entry & exit routes and at strategic locations of private spaces, public-private spaces and public spaces.

In the event of fire, the EVAQBOT receives a confirmed alarm trigger from the Control Room/ Fire Control Panel of the building.

The EVAQBOT plays-out pre-configured alert/alarm/evacuation message on the loud-speaker on that particular Floor to move to the assembly area. The wireless LED Display indicates the direction in which the people have to move for evacuation. Temperature, Smoke Level and other sensors connected to EVAQBOT streams real-time data to the Gateway server.

A rule engine on the Gateway Server with a Decision Support System places a call to the Emergency Responders(112). A Mobile Control Center en-route to the location receives the details of the location, Shortest route to the location considering the traffic congestion, Building Information, Floor Plans indicating the exit route and assembly area. Dynamic Information of the site is streamed to the Mobile Center, so that rescue action can be planned even before reaching the site. Information regarding the No of people trapped in the floor/building can be provided by the EVAQBOT

The EVAQBOT with the built-in Access Card reader captures the people moving out of the stairway exit. It also takes continuous snaps of the activity at the stairway exit. Snap -shot information case be used to identify people who might have missed by the RFID reader and for situational awareness. This information is continuously published to the Gateway Server.

The Mobile Control Center on reaching the Security Gate can physically plug into the Gateway Server Network via a Wired / Wireless connection and provide guided evacuation to the people. It can also use the Intercom System to communicate with the people inside and take stock of the situation and plan the evacuation effectively. The included listen-in feature can be used to detect if anybody is shouting out for help and plan the rescue operation accordingly.

The data collected via RFID Reader and camera Snap Shots can be co-related to the Access Control System Data to arrive at the tally of people in and out of the building/floor, Medical Health records of Employees can be provided to Hospitals to plan medical procedures if any. Information to Friends and relatives of the affected people can be delivered instantaneously with the help of Employee Database.

  • Interface to Building HVAC System
  • Interface to Building CCTV System
  • Interface to Building Lift Control System
  • Explosion Proof Enclosure

EVAQBOT is an external, high performance, multi-protocol, multi-interface gateway which can also tap seamlessly into existing Access Control, Fire Alarm, CCTV, and HVAC Systems providing real-time information to first responders as long as the systems are available for effective and efficient disaster management thereby minimizing loss of life and assets.

EVAQBOT is capable of meshing with EVAQNODES (smoke level, fire, humidity sensors and text displays) and connect with other EVAQBOTS deployed in the floor with multiple emergency exits thereby enabling the EVAQBOT to be highly available for the Emergency Responders.

EVAQBOT provides audio notifications and Exit direction indications via PA Speaker and Wireless LED display units respectively to the people trapped in the floor/building/private/public spaces.

EVAQBOT has built-in Access Card Reader, PIR Sensor, Camera Day/Night and Thermal) modules with snap-shot facility for People Counting, tracking, Identification and Presence detection.

 Options and Add-ons

  • Thermal Snapshot Camera
  • Microphone Array
  • Face Recognition Module
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Radio
  • Interface to Building Access Card Reader

 EVAQBOT provides situational awareness to the emergency responders with real-time snapshots of action at entry & exit routes, ability to listen-in, announce and communicate via in-built microphone, speaker and intercom units respectively for effective crisis management.

Primary Features

  • Fully IP Based field Programmable Unit
  • Supports Mesh Network
  • Access Card Reader
  • Fire-alarm Interface
  • Day/Night Snapshot Camera
  • 25W Speaker
  • Intercom Unit with Press-to-Talk
  • PIR Sensor
  • People Counting Module
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Smoke Level Sensor
  • Internal Storage
  • Router / Gateway Unit
  • Built-in Power Bank
  • Fire Proof Enclosure

EVAQBOT is powered primarily by the Emergency Power Source of the building. In case of primary power cut-off / failure, the EVAQBOT continues to function on its in-built battery which is sized to drive the system for additional 4 hours.

The build of EVAQBOT comes with FireProof enclosure with Explosion Proof as optional

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