In present scenario the CCTV technology for the video surveillance is proven into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and management tools. It can be used anywhere i.e. Banking, Manufacturers, governments, hospitals, colleges and universities, religious places, hotels, corporate, plants and many more. There could be N numbers of company provides IP surveillance solution and BNA Technology is one of them. BNA  not only understand the  customer pain areas as far as security is concerned but also helps in design, integration, educates and offers end to end complete techno commercial solution to the customer.

Components involved in CCTV System: Camera could be of different type like (Analog, IP, IR, HD, I/D, O/D, etc.) and other different components in a CCTV are as follows-:   Joystick, encoder, DVR, DVR card, optical Transceiver,  Video amplifier & splitter, Networkable DVRS & Cards, Monitors, PC, VMS, Video Analytic Software, NMS, etc.


Prevent theft – Security cameras have been shown to discourage theft when prominently displayed, and in the event your factory is robbed, a modern surveillance camera will help you identify the thief and prosecute them.

Quality control – Advances in digital camera technology have made quality control through video surveillance possible. Video surveillance cameras can help you make your quality control process faster and more efficient.

Remote monitoring – An NVR (Network Video Recorder) added to a surveillance system allows you to broadcast your security footage over the internet; making it easy to check up on any of your cameras at any time. This is especially helpful if you manage a large factory or multiple locations. NVRs also allow your current security staff to perform more active security duties (such as foot patrols) instead of staring at a video monitor for hours at a time.

Workplace safety – Surveillance cameras can be placed near dangerous machinery to monitor automated processes safely, or to protect employees from harm. This has been a popular use for video surveillance cameras for years, and has grown more efficient as technology has advanced.

Easy to install – A surveillance system with IP (Internet Protocol) cameras is easy to install and maintain. Unlike their analog counterparts which require power tools and technicians, all you need to do is mount the cameras and connect them to your video recorder or a computer

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